• Standardization, processing and packing.

Company Profile

Modern way of living and nutrition needs

High demand for cereals, nuts and dried fruit.

It is a fact that modern nutrition needs have become notably demanding for health-friendly goods, especially those that make up the so-called 'Mediterranean Way of Eating'. Cereals, nuts and dried fruits consist a main part of this way of eating. Agropolis, by co-operating with many Greek farmers, offers finest quality goods with high nutrition benefits.

Variety of products and service options

Agropolis company offers a wide range of goods. We process and pack cereals, nuts and dried fruits. By using sophisticated packing methods, final product output can reach 100 packs/minute. This production capability gives us the ability to satisfy high supply demands and furthermore, the opportunity to participate in large scale co-operations.

Contant evolution

Agropolis company, having as guide the overall value of it's products for consumers, evolves it's services and constantly expands it's catalog.

agropolis profile 2
agropolis profile 2